The Cavern Post - Issue 1

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A new Magazine sees the light! The Cavern Post is a new, lighter and easier version of our initial Go! Magazine. In this new publication we will feature more news, comics and games.

With this first issue, we present you a series of interviews with many artists of the deviantArt Uru Community, a couple of games, a comic strip and more articles about Marker Games, Open Source and recent news!

∼Guild of Messengers, serving the Community ∼

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Hi Leo and the crew... I am having trouble getting the magazine to open... clicking onthe link causes an error for me in IE... maybe i'm just doing something wrong?  I'll keep trying but if there's anyone else having the same problem  you're not alone!


hmm okay i got it now, just had to right-click > save target as... > and then open it.. maybe its just my PDF reader that was balking (not adobe haha)  Great magazine guys!!!  skimmed quickly through, will read in detaila bit later as i'm currently running late for something else lol.

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It looks great!  Really came together nicely. :)

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Congratulations! :)


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