The Cavern Post - Issue 2

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The magazine team has been hard at work, and now, issue 2 of The Cavern Post is ready for all to enjoy!

In this issue, we learn more about shards and the four major URU servers offered by the community, plus step by step instructions on how to find and install them.  Also, Jonathan Myer offers his insights on being a Greeter, and Allatwan interviews Heather Larkin about her Myst-related artwork on DeviantArt (with plenty of amazing samples of her work included!).

Nev'yn recaps what happened in the cavern in January, and Larry LeDeay writes about his photography work featuring the wildlife in the Ages of URU (also with many samples!), with some helpful tips from Ainia on how to set up and take beautiful pictures of the animals yourself.

Throw in a hilarious comic by Rhee and a challenging crossword from NoorMax and you've got a jam-packed issue that should not be missed!  Pick up a copy today!

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I have a very small correction: The Gehn installer creates a shortcut in the Start Menu. It's not necessary to navigate to the install directory manually. The article is correct that there's no desktop shortcut created automatically.

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That would be my fault.  Sorry, Branan. :P


It's OK. This is the sort of thing testers won't necessarily report, so I'm glad it got pointed out to me. I should have realized that not all users are going to check the Start menu. I'm used to technical programs that don't make desktop shortcuts at all, so I sorta forgot that for the average user the desktop has become the expected place for shortcuts. I've already updated our documentation to explain where the shortcut is located.


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