December 2009 Newspaper

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It’s been a long two months and again we have managed to cobble together another issue which includes the usual together with the completion of both, Marten’s in-game video and Mowog’s podcasting, tutorials. Please sit back, put your feet up and join us this one last time as we dip into the cavern.

Shorah to you all.

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so...we are going to say good by to 2009 and the 2010 is coming almost...today is the morning of 2010...the first morning and the hope for the best...you can say.i have reader of this newsletter,although i am student of online degree and i have less time to read it but i love to read it...its really infromative and have much knowledge sometime it described the purity ...ohh its good to hear about that you are going managed coobler...i am waiting for it and other issues.. see u soon keep it up

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I'm sorry emmie but this was the last issue of the GoMe Newspaper, as you can read on the first page.

You can read all the previous issues of the Newspaper here


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