Special Buttetin #2

Welcome back to seems to be shaping up into a Special Bulletin series.  As you may recall from the last bulletin, something had tripped Victor Laxmans' cavern sensors. Dr. Kodama and Marie Sutherland  were taking a trip into the cavern to check it out. It seems they both made it back to the surface safely. Here is Ms. Sutherlands' report.



Quite a trip. Sorry you couldn't make it. Your sensors are fine. There are a handful of explorers in the Cavern, but they didn't trip the ones you sent us to check. In fact, the area was still secure, which means that it was one of us. I have my suspicions that we need to talk to our former fearless leader about that. Funny guy. Glad I didn't cancel any big plans to head down for his wild goose chase.

A few of the explorers say that they never left, but I suspect you have known that all along. Others said that they've only recently found their way back. In either case, they couldn't have been there for any length of time without setting off your sensors in the main areas they spend their time.

They were expecting us to be angry and try to kick them out. They were pleasantly surprised when I told them that we're all just explorers, at least for now. They seemed relieved and not too disappointed that we haven't secured any funding. They were also interested to hear how our lives have changed on the surface.

I told them they could stay as long as they respected the Cavern and were careful. There won't be any ResEngs to help them out if they get stuck. Kodama found it ironic that they'll have to rely more on their Yeesha Books now.

It's actually a nice change of pace to get to visit the Cavern as an explorer, without the pressure of trying to fix everything in sight faster than is humanly possible. You should try it sometime.

See you soon.



We now have DRC confirmation that some explorers didn't do as they were told and decided to remain, or at least continue to visit the cavern. But as Ms. Sutherland said, they didn't trip the sensors. The mystery was soon cleared up with Dr. Watsons next post.


Sorry for the "wild goose chase".

I had a dream the other day that there were explorers in the Cavern, so I went down to check it out, making sure I stayed out of sight. I could have just told you all what I found, but this seemed like a better way to get you all to go down and see it for yourselves. Sorry you missed out, Vic.

Or I could have gone the Yeesha/Zandi route and told you all a cryptic riddle that when solved implied that the Called have started returning to the Cavern and strongly hinted that more would likely be returning very soon.

But you already know that I believe all that, and this way seemed more fun.

Keep your friends close and your Relto Books closer.

Dr. W.


As you can tell from Dr. Kodamas' respose, he didn't seem to think Dr. Watsons' method for getting them into the cavern was very amusing.

Ah, yes. Hilarious.

Well, just so you know, I did a quick but thorough once-over of the Cavern and things look pretty good.

At least something productive came of the trip.



Dr. Watson, however, seemed to disagree.

Lighten up, Ikuro. You weren't going to watch the Super Bowl anyway and you know it.


From the sounds of it, the trip did you world of good. It's not my fault you chose to sleep on your old cot in the Tokotah.

Seriously, though, thanks for giving it a once-over, my friend.


So, there you have it. Some explorers have found there way back into the cavern and it looks like more will soon follow. If I read these posts right, soon we will all have our cake, and get to eat it too. Yes folks, the cake is not a lie.

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Yes folks, the cake is not a lie.

But what about the Grief Counseling? *waits in Party Escort Submission Position, holding onto her Relto and KI*


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