Scheduled Downtime

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Hello everyone!

The Guild of Messengers website will go down for maintainance on Friday 11th. It will probably stay that way for one or two days.

What will happen:

our hosting provider is migrating all its websites to a new service, this means that the website will need to be moved to new servers. The move will be done in some hours, but we need to move our DNS records as well so this means that we have to wait for the information to propagate to all the DNS server of the world and this takes time. During the DNS move the website could be accessible for some people and unavailable for others, it depends on the DNS server you are connected to.

Will there be any improvements?

Yes, we will have 20GB of Disk Space available vs the current 2GB that are starting to be small. And we will have 200GB of monthly bandwidth vs the current 10GB.

During this maintainance there will be no update to the website software.